This treatment is the perfect anti-aging solution; we are offering noticeable and long-lasting results without going to cosmetic surgery. The advanced treatments will make a real difference to how your skin feels and looks and giving back its youthful glow and texture. This treatment helps the skin to look healthier and reduction of fine-line and wrinkles.

Skin rejuvenation in Luton

The pulse light targets explicitly the deep demise, which is one layer of your skin to stimulate the formation of the new elastin fibres and collagen that makes your skin visibly smooth, clear, improve the skin tone, healthier and give a younger look. Our expert suggests that for the best result you may need 4 to 6 sessions.

Save your money and time; once you have done this treatment, you will not need to go for expensive facial and any skin treatments. Your skin feels and looks younger, helps to remove scars and other blemishes, Strengthening skin fibres to smooth skin & balance completion.

Laser/IPL Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Prices

Skin Therapies (FACE)
Single Session
Course of 4
Skin REJUVENATION full face
Skin rejuvenation face& neck
Skin rejuvenation face,necek & Decollete
Vascular therapy
Epidermal Pigmentation
Skin Rejuvenation
Vascular therapy


If broken or even dilated capillaries or even other various vascular lesions are a concern, so we are offering you the most effective non-surgical treatments, which is vascular therapy. We can treat pigmented irregularities and superficial vascular. The treatments we provide are effective, quick, and safe.

The short light pulses target haemoglobin to heat and coagulate vascular lesions, which are break and shrink down naturally. This vessel is then absorbed by the body and making them less visible. It treats broken veins, freckles, and hyperpigmentation. This treatment is suitable for most people. However, a patch test is mandatory prior to the treatments; You may need 4 to 6 sessions, which take 30-40 minutes every session, in every 4 to 6-week gape for best and even results.

After having course of sessions, your skin will appear brighter, smoother & feel a reduction in the colour and size of the vascular lesion, get rid of pigmentation, and get even skin tone


Laser skin pigment treatments are a relatively easy and quick process that helps to get lighten or remove the skin pigmentation by breaking and targeting down the excess melanin within the first layer of skin, which is epidermal.

Without using any harsh chemical or cream; this treatment is performed by using particular laser wavelengths to break down the area of your skin, which has a high amount of melanin, which are the reason for your dark and pigmented skin. In order to achieve more productive results of this treatment, it is recommended to have course of 4 to 6 sessions in the gape of 1 month.

After destroying the pigmented area of your skin, you get fresher, more even, and lighten up your high-pigmented area and get youthful skin tone, also targeting specific areas such as age spots and freckling.


Acne is prevalent and can affect both teenagers and adults. Everyone has had acne at some point in their life. Laser treatments work for people who have mild to moderate acne and especially suitable for those who are tired of getting normal facial treatments and see no results, laser acne therapy, helps you to get rid of acne spots and redness.

This treatment, articular UV- pulsed light absorb by acne, which triggering the chemical releases that destroy inflammatory bacteria called propioni, which causes acne. For better results course of 4 to 6 treatments is recommended in the gape of 4 weeks

It helps to get rid of acne scar reduce redness get rid of number of acnes permanently. This treatment is not harsh on your skin, so without any worries and pain, you can get the best results. And even the first and foremost benefit can be seen immediately


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I had a full body hot stone massage which was fantastic!
Farzana genuinely knows what she’s doing and made the whole experience so relaxing. Thank you again!!
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I would like to say a big THANK YOU too Klea, not only did she provide an excellent massage as well as brilliant customer service! A big well done to Faezana for hiring such a brilliant lady.

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I had the most incredible massage at Farzana beauty yesterday. She was very knowledgeable and professional .she gave me some great advice regarding ways in which to stretch after running. I had alot of tightness in my shoulders and lower back where I feel alot of stress and after a one hour massage I felt completely different and very relaxed. I can not recommend enough. Thank you Farzana I will definitely be booking again

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