Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic is a traditional ancient Indian holistic system which is based on achieving mental and physical harmony with nature it is a science of yoga and a healing process, that treat and prevent any symptom, with Ayurvedic treatments, in Ayurvedic mind body work together in maintain balance, it’s all about understanding of your own self.

Basic foundation of ayurvedic is based on 5 elements which is space, earth, water, fire, air,

These 5 elements combined in to 3 Dosha, which are Vata, Pitta, Kapa, these elements are character of your body, they control how your body works.

Ayurvedic massage have many advantages for individual including releasing stress and tension, improving sleep patterns increasing joints mobility Improving muscle tone; and lowering blood pressure Ayurvedic massage is a key part of ayurvedic therapy, the body love to have it organ, oil is mainly used in ayurvedic massage to soften, and nourish skin.

A treatment will begin with a consultation to understand your Dosha type and the therapist will discuss your character of your Dosha and providing guidelines on daily routines, advice you through your nutrition, how to keep fit and meditate yourself.

Treatment will be offered to you based on your Dosha type and carefully select the specific aromatic oil to suit your Dosha type.

The main purpose of this massage treatment is to cleansing your body and syndrome, it is designed to alleviate symptoms and restore harmony and balance.

Ayurvedic full body massage with herbal compress 60 min £90

Ayurvedic bolus- steamed herbal compress used on back of the body .

Therapeutic Ayurvedic herbal powder mixed and tied into a muslin cloth filled with special ingredients from India known as bolus after warming, oil is applied to the body using the bolus rubbed in reverse direction an ayurvedic massage technique using fingers or palm, and massage is performed with fast movement, to energise of the body.

This therapy combining pressure to specific mama points, to relieve stress and negative emotions. Removing toxin and blockages,

This treatment is great for weak joints and sore muscle, arthritis, weight reduction and skin disease

Ayurvedic Shirodhara treatments with scalp massage 60 min £55

It is an effective healing therapy for calming and grounding the nervous system as well as reducing chronic stress, wash away tensions & headache, hair loss, anxiety, improve memory warm dosha -specific oil poured in a slow rhythmic movement over forehead, using a cap, followed by a scalp massage. Ayurvedic Shirodhara stand & pure pots will ensure a continues flow of oil is smoothly delivered for 10 to 15 minutes.

Personalised Thai yoga or oil massage 60 min £55/80 min £75

A Traditional Thai massage is an ancient system of healing with its roots in yoga.

This unique and complete system of yoga therapy focused and rhythmic pressure applied to specific muscles tissue to open channels that will improve the flow of energy throughout the body.

It employs combinations of rhythmic acupressure a gentle twisting, rocking & yoga style deep stretches of the entire body, pulling fingers, toes, using therapist hands, knees, legs, or feet to help manipulate the client’s body into different position. And release muscle pains and tension as well as improving joint mobility and enhance flexibility.

A warmed base oil/balm application on the body and massage head to toe with various massage movement using, palms, thumbs, forearm and elbow, knees and stretching techniques.

This massage will improve blood circulation, reduces stress and relive pain perfect for muscular tension and joint stiffness.

Deep tissue/ Sport massage full body 55min £55 / Back £35

This massage is a form of massage involving the manipulation of soft tissue to benefit. engaged in regular physical activity it includes skin, muscles, tendons, caused from repetitive and strenuous physical activity and trauma.

Swedish massage 55 min £40/ 25 MIN £30

This massage helps to increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension, and get rid of any pain.

Hot stone massage full body 55min £45 25min £35

Hot stone massage therapy helps to relieve muscle tension pain, stress and anxiety. Encourage blood flow throughout the body, release toxin and detoxifying. massage is usually performed by using smooth, heated basalt stones that is placed onto the body applying deeper pressure while to release trigger points, that occur in a muscle, without causing any discomfort..

Aromatherapy massage - Full body 55 min £45 /25 min £30

This is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote mental health and well-being. Using natural aromatic essential oils to improve both physical and emotional health.

Reflexology 25min £35

Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying pressure to specific points on the feet or hands, Reflex points are connected to certain organs and body system, it is performed by using thumb, finger, & hand massage techniques. This pressure reduce toxin, relaxes mind and body, help relieve tension improve blood circulation and nerve function. suitable for any age.

Hopi Ear Candle 20min £25 with scalp massage

This is an ancient holistic therapy to treat conditions affecting the head and ears such as sinus congestion, hay fever, asthma, cold & flue, migraines ear noises and remove excess earwax. helps to relive stress & promote deep relaxation.

Thermal Infrared therapy 10 sessions £150

This high intensity far-infrared has amazing powers to remove toxins, burn calories through sweating.


It has been closely related to achieving general body detoxification, helps with weight loss, increases metabolism, even internal organs of your body are warmed by your circulatory system.

Helps for people with chronic fatigue syndrome, & Type 2 diabetes. And there are no effects have been reported.

Improve the circulation in the body and clean the cells’ helping the body to heal, relief from sore muscles & joint pain such as arthritis. and improved joint mobility, as well as it relaxes muscles and increase blood flow, reduce stress, promotes deep restful sleep, improve overall health and well-being.


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What our clients say

Amazing service, very knowledgeable staff, recommend this salon to everyone.

Ameera Ali

I had a full body hot stone massage which was fantastic!
Farzana genuinely knows what she’s doing and made the whole experience so relaxing. Thank you again!!
I would definitely recommend heL

Lesley Appiah

I would like to say a big THANK YOU too Klea, not only did she provide an excellent massage as well as brilliant customer service! A big well done to Faezana for hiring such a brilliant lady.

I will be recommending this salon to others.

Zeba Husain

I had a massage from Farzana and it was wonderful! She took her time and had so much knowledge about her craft. She didn’t leave a single knot! Thank you so much I will definitely be coming back. :

Samiyah Ali

Great Service. Highly recommend. 5

Ejaz Ali

Lovely place to be. Farzanas Beauty is professional in their manner of treatment. I recommend this to every one.

Kingsley Ibeji

I had the most incredible massage at Farzana beauty yesterday. She was very knowledgeable and professional .she gave me some great advice regarding ways in which to stretch after running. I had alot of tightness in my shoulders and lower back where I feel alot of stress and after a one hour massage I felt completely different and very relaxed. I can not recommend enough. Thank you Farzana I will definitely be booking again

Caroline Whatmore